You likey spicy?

I probably won’t be throwing many vegan recipes at you simply because I’m not vegan. I don’t label my choices in eating and nutrition.  My daily attempt is to eat the healthiest foods possible (does gelato count?).  That being said, I do believe that a vegan diet is a great choice if what you’re seeking is a higher energy level, clearer skin and the comfort of knowing you’re not overloading your system with junk.  That’s all.  Oh, and I love the benefits of eating raw whenever possible.  One of my favorite sites for info on raw foods is  Sarah Britton seems like a delightful girl and has some tasty ideas and she’s chock full o’ holistic nutrition knowledge.

We were making dinner last night and needed a side dish.  I threw this together and it came out yummy.  I surprised myself because my professional training is in pastry, so coming up with something that’s not dessert related gets me a little giddy.  It’s only coleslaw, though.  I don’t think it’s life-changing.  You decide.

Magic (Vegan) “Coleslaw”

Magic (Vegan) “Coleslaw”

1 bag shredded cabbage (or a head of cabbage, then slice thinly)

1 box Baby Bok Choy (at Trader Joe’s they come in a box of about 10 or so.)  Slice as thinly as possible.

1/2 c – 3/4 c Veganaise or regular mayo- adjust the amount to whether you prefer a dry slaw or a creamier one ( Veganaise is an egg-free sandwich spread, btw and not to be obvious but if you use regular mayo it won’t be vegan.  It will become only Magic “Coleslaw”.

2T white wine vinegar

1T to 2T course mustard (my favorite is Maille Old Style whole grain dijon or Grey Poupon Country Style)

a bit of fresh lemon juice ( I didn’t have any lemons when I made this last night but lemon always brings out a great freshness in savory dishes)

sea salt, to taste

handful of sesame seeds

handful of capers

cayenne pepper, to taste or omit if you no likey spicy

freshly ground pepper (I use a peppercorn medley of white, black, red & green peppercorns)

  • Whisk the wet ingredients
  • Stir in the dry ingredients
  • Fold in the cabbage and bok choy

If you prefer a crisp slaw then by all means, chow down immediately.  But if you like it when the veggies have had a chance to break down somewhat, and the other flavors are allowed to mingle and create their magic then let the slaw sit in the fridge for a few hours.  Either way, it’s tasty as heck.  We were very hungry at the time so we scarfed it down asap.  Honeybun ate the whole bowl.  Luckily, I was able to take my hand out of it before he ate that, too.  So nice being married to someone who loves to eat.  I didn’t add fresh parsley either, but I think that would have made a nice addition.  Feel free to experiment with other things than bok choy.  Shredded carrots?  Shredded broccoli?  They have a combo of these two at Trader Joe’s.  I know, calm down about Trader Joe’s.  I should stand outside the store with pom-poms and jump around like a jerk.  It’s a good store, what can I tell you.

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2 thoughts on “You likey spicy?

  1. I love a good slaw in the summer so thanks for sharing the recipe. I actually made a huge one last night with edamame which was an interesting addition.

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