10 things I tell myself to avoid freaking out

  1. It’s ok if my kids sometimes eat food they’ve dropped on the floor – even if that food item is a raisin (especially sticky) and was dropped in the mall.  (Whew.  I took deep breaths as I wrote that.)
  2. If I drop my son off at school and don’t actually get dressed until I pick him up, no one will ring my bell and shout, “Get dressed, slob!”
  3. If children watch tv for extended periods of time on a sunny day they will not become vitamin D deficient.
  4. Be the change you want to see, and stop harrassing husband to wash out every glass/plastic container before putting it in the recycling bucket.
  5. It’s impractical to insist that 100% of the food my kids eat is organic.  Not in this world of ours, anyway.
  6. When my mom comes over and reads from my stash (hoard) of magazines, it is not tragic that she licks her index finger to turn every page.
  7. No one in my neighborhood has a pet wild cat that could potentially escape and show up in our backyard…hungry.
  8. Ask Luke to dance to KC & the Sunshine Band if I need uncontrollable laugher.
  9. Have a little faith.
  10. My family loves me (for reasons that are still unclear).

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!

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2 thoughts on “10 things I tell myself to avoid freaking out

  1. Are you kidding? Your family loves you because you play KC & the Sunshine Band and take them to school in your PJs!

    (Bear Paw slippers too? Not that I’ve ever, y’know, done that.)

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