Potty Wars

Well, we’ve done it.  We’ve made the most valuable, versatile purchase in history.  For the bargain price of $24.98 (thank you, Walmart) we now own a pink Minnie Mouse potty.  But wait, there’s more.  The potty can easily be dragged by a 2-year-old from room to room.  It’s a step stool, a jewelry box or a table on which to have a tea party.  This is one multi-faceted commode, I tell you.

We decided to start potty training Madeleine.  She turned 2 in May and has been ripping her diaper off for a while now and asking “I go peepee, Mommy?” as she stands beside the toilet.  

Day 1:  A bare-butt toddler runs throughout the house, giggling all the while.  I later find a half-dried, sticky puddle in Madeleine’s dollhouse.  Upon close inspection, it is certainly pee.  I wipe it out with disinfecting wipes, as well as the refrigerator that goes to the dollhouse.  Pee in that, too.

Day 2:  Madeleine sits on Minnie Mouse potty in the bathroom while Mommy is on toilet in the morning.  Nothing.  Not even a tinkle.  Having trained my son already I know that this business is a lengthy, tedious process.

“That was a great try.  Let’s put your diaper back on and try again later.”

“No.  I go on potty.”  She sits back down.

I assume at this point that days will follow when my husband or I will find other mystery puddles and ask each other, “Is that pee?”  Even though it’s only Day 2, I’m cynical about potty training.  It goes on seemingly forever.

During the latter half of Day 2, Madeleine sits on her potty wearing only a pajama top, Luke’s shoes on her feet and the book Dear Zoo in her hands.  Still not a drop of pee and I have already given her a drink to get things going.  The potty has a handle that she “flushes” and a chorus of Disney voices cheer Hurray!  Until lunch, all I hear is Hurray!  Hurray!  Hurray!  

Luckily I put her diaper back on in time for her to poop.  That’s just not something I want to clean up from say…the couch or the rug in the kids’ room.  And it’s also frustrating interesting to me that I actually have to say to Luke,   “Don’t touch Mad’s poop,” as I’m changing her.  The smell alone is enough to repel most anyone.   “I want to watch you, Mom,” he says.   “I want to see it.”



I take her diaper off later on and ask her to try again.  She takes a seat, willingly.  After a few minutes I suggest we try again later.   “No,” she insists.   “I go potty now.”

I wander off to do my chores and when I come back she is standing next to the potty.

“Madeleine!  You peed!  OhmyGod!  Hurray!  Great job!”  (I know that seems like a lot of exclamation points but when I get excited my voice squeaks at the highest pitch I can manage.)  Then Luke and I break into the potty song we made up.   “Peepee in the pot-tay…Peepee in the pot-tay….”  It goes on and on with other lyrics.  I won’t bore you.

The important thing is that Madeleine peed for the first time and because Luke and I made a huge deal about it she was clearly proud and even started singing along to the potty song.  We sent a video to everyone in our family with Madeleine announcing the big news.

Tomorrow is another day.  I don’t want to get cocky.  There’s still the obstacle of number 2 on the Minnie Mouse potty (which seems wrong, considering that Minnie is an icon of sweetness and adorability).

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3 thoughts on “Potty Wars

  1. Ah the joys. We’re “potty training” a puppy right now, and it’s hard enough.
    Good luck! 🙂

  2. This post had me in stitches, but then I felt kinda bad for laughing, because cleaning up pee all. day. long gets tiring real fast. The little girl I take care of peed all the way down my hallway recently, and slipped and fell in the puddle. Fun times. Good luck!

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