Love is in the air

I keep wanting to write about my decision to do a cleanse and the reasons why, but my juicer didn’t arrive yet.  Hey, Williams-Sonoma, get it together and send me my damn juicer.  Pretty please, with stevia on top.  But today…today love is in the air, so I chose to write about that instead.  I’m a huge sucker for romance and weddings and babies and love and all that stuff that makes other people gag.  I don’t gag.  I end up all teary-eyed and mascara-schmeared.

Tina is getting married.  She’s the lovely, beautiful, creative and talented cousin of my husband but, since I adore her so, I decided to just adopt her as my cousin.  Her fiancé, Paul, is equally delightful.  And he willingly plays with my kids when we get the whole family together so I won’t be throwing any stones his way even if I find some.

Sunday was Tina’s bridal shower, given at the home of her sister, Janine (who is also one of my favorite, adoptable people).  Every detail was thought of, from the decorations, food and desserts to the yummy sugar cookie favors.  Even the pencils we all used to play bridal shower games followed the pink and pale green theme.

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The reason this couple is so special (aren’t all soon-to-be married couples?) is that you can see that they’re best friends and they adore each other.  They have good taste and like nice things but they know that those material things are not the most important, nor essential to having a happy life.  In their company, I find myself feeling relaxed.  There’s none of that nervous tension you absorb from others at times.  Yes, this is a pair of cool cucumbers.

As miracles would have it, they’re expecting a baby cucumber next year.  The groom already had a stunning engagement ring ready for his beloved but, when they found out they were to become parents, he immediately proposed, tossing out any plans he may have had to get down on his knee at a different time.  So, whirlwind wedding and a visit from the stork they will have.

Beginnings are beautiful.  I’m sure we all can recall the first days, weeks and months of a treasured relationship when you just can’t stop gazing at one another and everything your special person says or does enchants you.  The lucky ones are those who have found, not only the right partner with whom they can stand the test of time, but the secrets to keeping that sparkle alive and bright.  While there are days when Michael and I do nothing but growl at each other, for the most part, we get along great and enjoy each other.  We practice a few simple things almost every day…

  • Be kind.  We speak to each other the way we want to be spoken to. (As for what he says when I’m beyond earshot is another story.)
  • We brush our teeth together every night.  Dorky?  Yes.  But somehow this little ritual is one sweet thing we always do.  (Haha, even dorkier when I read it.)
  • Be generous and attentive first and your partner will follow.  On any given day one of us asks the other Are you ok? or Do you need help?  (My usual answer is NO and YES as I peel Luke off his sister as he tries to pulverize her.)
  • Be a team.  There’s strength in numbers, especially when faced with cranky kids who are over-tired and hungry.
  • Encourage each other to go out with friends. That person always comes home in a good mood and greatful for the free time.
  • Make time for each other
  • Have.  Sex.
  • Laugh
  • By the way, I meant have good sex.  (Not the ho-hum kind.)

Congratulations Tina & Paul!  May you sparkle forever!

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