I never thought I’d say this but…

This is me a few years ago:

“A cleanse?  Moi?  No way!  Why do I need to do a cleanse?  I run, eat healthy.  I’m a fine human specimen.”

Fast-forward to my 30s and motherhood:

“I’m so tired all the time…Why do I still have acne?!…My brain is in a fog.  Where the hell are my keys?”

I’ve noticed a major change in the way I feel.  From poor mental clarity and indigestion, to low energy throughout the day, I haven’t felt great.  I’m sure most women in my age group with little kids hanging on their legs would agree, motherhood has a lot to do with it.  Lack of uninterrupted sleep is probably one of the main factors and let’s throw in the fact that moms have very little time for themselves.  My sister gave me this book, The 3-Day Cleanse by Zoe Sakoutis and Erica Hussand suggested I read it.  I (typically) rolled my eyes saying Why can’t I just eat healthier and exercise?  Why a cleanse?  I didn’t think I needed it because I wasn’t ready.  I hadn’t hit rock bottom.

I’m ready now.

I’ll preface this by saying that this book is NOT an extreme type of cleanse.  I like to e-a-s-e into new experiences and this book is written in a relatable, approachable voice.  Not scary at all.  The big message throughout the book is to go at your own pace and do what feels right for you, whether it’s a 1, 3, 5 or 10-day cleanse.  I’m going to do the 3-day cleanse.

As outlined in the book, I’ve prepared to cleanse for the passed three 3 days by eating much lighter and eliminating certain foods/beverages – meat, dairy, sugar, caffeine, alcohol…uhem, about that last one (sigh).  Yesterday was a particularly trying day (read: my kids are insane) so I do admit to enjoying a glass – ok, 2 glasses – of wine in the evening after my lovelies were in bed.  If the wine causes me to experience unpleasant cleansing side effects (nausea, for example) then it was worth it.  (Sorry, Zoe and Erica.)  Anyway, tomorrow is Day 1 of the Cleanse!  I’m actually pretty excited even though all I’ve had for breakfast is watermelon and my tummy is already growling.  Maybe this is going to be a challenge, maybe I’ll ask myself Why am I inflicting self-torture?  Either way, I believe that this is going to help me “reboot” my system and point me in a new, healthier direction.

Oh, and please excuse me if Saturday’s post about Day 1 is a little grouchy.  I’ll be hungry.

Wish me luck!

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