I have to do this for 2 more days???

The Cleanse: Day 1


My husband and kids are eating bagels this morning.  I’m not a big bagel lover, but right now I can think of nothing that would make me happier than to inhale a lightly toasted whole wheat bagel with Earth Balance spread and to savor a cup of steaming, hot coffee.  Instead, I begin the day with hot water with lemon.

I cut up the ingredients for my first green juice, Spinach-Carrot-Pineapple-Lime, and place them in a bowl.

Luke sneezes into the bowl.  Sigh.  (Don’t I do a lot of sighing?)  I figure that since that sneeze has my DNA in it, it should be ok to drink.

The kids are me mesmerized by the jet engine sound of the juicer.  Madeleine runs out of the room screaming It’s loud!  Juice begins to drip drip drip into the pitcher.  It’s orange then green then a greenish brown.  Hmmm…scary.

It’s delicious!  It’s just sweet enough and I’m able to drink it easily.  The only problem left to contend with is my growling tummy.

One hour later, I make another juice, Blueberry-Pineapple (which is blended with unsweetened rice milk).  Tasty!


Madeleine and I went food shopping at Trader Joe’s where I bought an obscene amount of fruits and vegetables.  The grocery bill is $30 higher than usual.

After getting home, surprisingly I’m only slightly hungry.  I make another green juice, Greens w/ Apple (containing: spinach, kale, 2 apples, 1/2 cucumber, handful of parsely, 1 lemon).  The flavor is refreshing but undeniably veggie.  The last couple of ounces are tough to get down.  You also would not believe how much fruit and veggies went into just one glass of juice.

It’s now 2pm and because the plan calls for 4 green juices, 1 fruit juice, and 1 nut milk throughout the day (I made the cashew milk last night) that means I have 2 green juices and a nut milk to go.  I’m hungry.  Cleaning the juicer after each use is also kind of a pain.  Am I complaining too much?  I did say I may be grouchy during the cleanse.  All things considered, I think I’m doing ok.  Time for another green juice, Spinach-Apple-Blueberry-Lemon, so off I go.


We took the kids for ice cream with Nonie Denise (my Mom) and then to a carnival in town (the creepiest carnival I’ve ever seen) and as delicious as those soft serve cones doused in sprinkles looked, I didn’t have one bite.  We also had dinner out and some how, some way I was able to sit at the table while everyone else ate pizza, soup, pasta and bread.  Oh, the aromas at that table.  Honestly, while I did feel mild hunger, I wasn’t feeling starved.  I drank a seltzer and felt pretty good.  I just finished the cashew milk I’d made last night and since my blender is kind of old (it was a wedding gift), it left about 2 tablespoons of chopped nuts at the bottom of the glass.  I chewed them.  Was that cheating?  I know everything is supposed to be liquid.  Oh well.

On an unrelated-to-the-cleanse note, I’m not very bright.  Have you ever done this?…Madeleine was in the corner, clearly she was pooping, and when I saw her reach into her diaper I immediately jumped up.  An intelligent person would probably assume that she has poop on her hand but not me.  No, I had to smell it just to make sure since it was a dimly lit corner of the house, and the result was that I got poop on my nose.  Perfect.

As for the rest of the night, will I feel beckoned later tonight by our selection of cabernét in the pantry as I relax on the couch with my husband?  Yes, I’m sure.  What keeps me going is the curiosity of whether or not I’ll feel as great as the book promises.  Hopefully when I open my eyes tomorrow I’ll feel incredibly enlightened.

Hope you’re all enjoying this holiday weekend as normal people do – at a barbecue with (organic) hamburgers and ice cream cones.

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