The Cleanse didn’t kill me. Imagine that.

Good news! I survived the cleanse.  And guess what?  It wasn’t really that bad.  Dare I say…easy?

Aside from waking up this morning to my son accidentally smashing his incredibly hard head into my lower lip and teeth, I’m feeling good.  (Since I’ve had kids I’ve been head-butted in the mouth more times than I can count.)

I won’t say I woke up these passed three days craving green juice.  That would be a lie.  Would I rather my breakfast be the Super Sampler Platter at our favorite diner?  Yup. But by today, the last day, I’m getting used to juicing and I’m going to try to have one everyday.  There’s so much positive information about the benefits of green juice, plus my eczema is nearly gone.

I won’t say that my face is crystal clear.  It’s not.  But maybe there will be days ahead that will be acne-free if I keep up with the juicing and keep the junk food to a minimum.  My belly is super flat this morning and that’s  a nice change from the bloated feeling I usually live with when I overindulge.  Whether dairy, fried foods or too many carbs, my belly bloat let’s me know I haven’t been walking the straight n’ narrow.  (Yes, I  know I sound like a great time.  Please excuse me a moment while I beat these handsome men off with a stick.)

Enough about The Cleanse.  If anyone has any questions about it let me know.

Hope your Labor Day weekend was filled with all the simple pleasures of a fleeting summer.  We hit the beach with the kids where my daughter wolluped wet sand at innocent by-standers, and my son squeezed unsuspecting jellyfish into pieces and then threw them on me.  My mistake was being girly and saying, “Yuck!  I don’t want jellyfish on me!”  What I should have said was, “Please dump a bucket of those gelatinous creatures down my shorts.”

We also went to the worst carnival in the history of our planet Earth, as I mentioned last time.  Complete with rusty, rickety rides that even my husband-the-non-alarmist wasn’t happy about letting the kids ride. There was a fishing game with dirty rubber sharks at the bottom of the “tank” and the prize was a miniscule stuffed blue puppy for the bargain price of $5.  (I told the kids I’d wash it and then they could play with it but I think they forgot about the most-likely flea-infested pup. I’ll be tossing his butt in the garbage for sure.)  There was also a creepy weirdo operating the motorcycle ride who proceeded to spit sunflower seeds in our direction as he was talking to us.  Classy.

The kids were a little confused when we told them it was time to go after only being there for about 15 minutes.  We got ice cream after so everyone was happy.

I’m up late because I have this weird tickly feeling in my throat and I figured some hot water with honey will do it.  I told my husband that I heard if you have a tapeworm you might have a funny sensation in your throat if the worm tries to crawl up there.  Ahhh!  Just the thought!  I should never let my sister tell me weird stories like that.

“You know, I was going to say I have a funny feeling in my throat, too,” Michael said.

“You do?”

“Maybe we both have a tapeworms.”

“Were you serious about your throat feeling funny?  Because that would make me feel better.”


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