I wish life came with a pause button

Wednesday is Luke’s first day of…gulp…Kindergarten.  Where did these 5 years go?  I’m sure I’ll have lots to chat about come Wednesday evening, whether Luke glides into his new classroom like a professional or clings to my leg and cries and chokes on his tears.  His lunch is packed in his Spiderman lunch box and his supplies are labeled with his name and zipped up in his backpack.  I think I’m ready.  I may cry.  Hopefully I’ll wait until the kid actually gets into the classroom.  Maybe I’ll wear a rubberband on my wrist and snap the hell out of it every time I feel a lump rise in my throat.

To take my mind off the swift and merciless passage of time I found a couple of pretty pics to share with you.  Enjoy…

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2 thoughts on “I wish life came with a pause button

  1. The first day is so hard… I remember T’s first day. He was so excited, he ran off to go and play, and didn’t even hear me the first time I called for a hug and kiss before I left. I cried the whole way home, and the house was just too quiet and empty. Now, however, I look forward to 8:45, when both of the kids are gone and I can drink my coffee in peace!

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