Slobby Friday

My husband texted me to let me know that he’d be late getting home from work this evening.  When this happens, I take advantage of the opportunity by doing as little as possible until he gets home.  No elaborate dinner to cook, since the kids think just about anything classifies as dinner.  Sometimes if I make pancakes I become an instant hero.  Instead I grabbed some whole wheat pitas, shredded mozzarella and popped open a jar of marinara sauce (Shhh…don’t tell.  I never buy sauce.  I’m italian!).  We put them in the toaster and Voila…Pita Pizzas!  Don’t worry, I sliced up a cucumber so they’d have a green veggie, too.

The slobby part of the evening came after my friend Rory called from California (we never get a chance to talk without being interrupted by my kids or hers) and I just wanted them to give me a moment’s peace.

“Who wants ice pops?”

“Me!!!!”  They shouted.

While I blabbed away with Rory I turned to see my kids licking the table.  I didn’t stop them.  The ice pops were melting and dripping faster than they could eat them and the sugary, purple puddles were just too tasty for them to resist.  They were being so good and sweet and – best of all – quiet.

I’m sitting here writing to you all, hearing my husband step out of the shower, and I know my uninterrupted time to blog is coming to an end for today.  Trying to plan a fun weekend for the kids, something outdoorsy and I think we may check out some neighborhoods to potentially move to.  Yes, that’s another story.  Putting the kabosh on the renovation and putting our little bungalow up for sale in the next few months.  More on that another day.

Enjoy your weekend!

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2 thoughts on “Slobby Friday

  1. My son tends to lick up food he’s spilled. If you ask him, he’ll say that he’s not licking the table… he’s cleaning it. Hope you have a great weekend!

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