Don’t run! You might fall on a door hinge!

When I was 3, I tripped (as toddlers tend to do) and hit my face on the hinge of a door.  The door had been removed, so the hinge was just kind of sticking out.  Fabulous child-proofing.  Such was the 80s.

Luckily, my mom is a registered nurse and responds to emergencies very well.  There was blood and lots of it.

Fast forward to the plastic surgeon’s office.  I recall being held down and having some kind of paper held over part of my face during the stitches. I don’t remember any pain, so that’s nice.

The surgeon did an excellent job.  Growing up, I didn’t even notice the scar, which amazingly fit into my smile line.

But now as I get older it’s becoming much more obvious that there is a scar there.  I’m not exceptionally vain, but I also don’t go looking for wrinkles, or anything that could be mistaken for a wrinkle.  Half of my face looks like I’m a youngish mother who is coasting gingerly toward her mid-30s. The other half looks like I may as well say things like, “When I was your age, sonny boy, the movie theatre only cost a nickle.”

Is it vain to want to look young for as long as possible?  Love to know your thoughts on this.  Also, has anyone used Juvaderm or Botox or any of those scary injectable fillers?

I wouldn’t consider doing that until I knew for sure I’m done having kids.  I don’t like the idea of anything lingering in my body that may or may not cause issues with any future kid of mine.  See?  That didn’t sound vain, did it?

Happy Friday!

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