Fall Fun on Long Island

On a recent weekend adventure, we visited the Hallockville Farm Festival in Riverhead.  For those who are unfamiliar with Long Island, Riverhead is a town out east, right before the island splits into the north and south forks.  It’s a lil’ bit a country not too far from home.

Here are some pics from our day.

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Among the stand-outs of the day were…

  • My uncle’s watch alarm beeping at noon to remind him to eat lunch
  • My mom complaining that she needed a “cup a cawfee”
  • My mom complaining about using a port-a-potty
  • My mom complaining about the horse poop in the grass as we walked toward the pony rides.  I don’t know why she wore sandals to a farm.
  • Driving down a long, creepy road after following a sign for fresh duck, only to arrive and meet 5 equally creepy men standing around with large nets.  I could hear quacking in the brush behind them.
  • Hopping back in the car after the men asked if we wanted the duck to be alive
  • My kids being grouchy and awful after a long day, sitting in traffic on the way home and trying to block out their nonsense so I didn’t pull over and hitchhike home by myself
  • My cousin Lauren saying that she was going to stand behind my car and could I please go in reverse.  (She can only handle limited amounts of family antics.)

On a lighter note, Madeleine rode a pony for the first time and Luke was enamored with the model train display and made friends with the very nice and informative elderly gentlemen who were running the train booth.  We also listened to a surprisingly good bluegrass band as we enjoyed some delicious pulled pork and corn on the cob.  I love FALL!

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