Move over, Princess Kate. I’ve got the glamour going on.

Madeleine was running around in her purple fairy Halloween costume with her wand.  As she danced around she waved the wand and kept saying, “I’m gonna shoot you”.   Hmmm, aren’t fairies supposed to be somewhat pleasant?

Luke was in his Optimus Prime costume, which is one of the Transformers characters.

I was cleaning up the house.  Madeleine was suddenly diaper-less, and she’s also still un-potty-trained.  But since I had just changed her diaper earlier, I didn’t think much of it.  Go ahead, kid.  Feel the breeze on your bare bum.

Moments later she came to find me.

“I peed, Mommy,” she said.

“Ok, I’ll be right there.”

I took off my giant, rubber kitchen gloves that I wear to wash dishes, and went into the kids’ bedroom.

“Oh, Madeleine!”  I said, surprised.  There was a giant terd on the carpet.  Actually, it had probably been one giant one and then it had broken into three smaller pieces as, I assume, Madeleine walked into the kitchen to get me.  There was also poop in the hallway.  No carpet in the hallway, though, so that’s nice.

“I peed, Mommy.”

“No, you pooped.”

“There’s poop on my leg, Mommy.”

At this point, I was holding both of her hands above her head with one of my hands in an effort to prevent her from exploring her butt area.  There are few things more challenging than cleaning poop from under a child’s fingernails.

Luke came in to inspect the situation, “Ewww!  You better clean that up!”

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One thought on “Move over, Princess Kate. I’ve got the glamour going on.

  1. mamaturtlemiller on said:

    Been there. Not fun at all.

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