Me again

I thought it only fair to bore you as much as I am bored.  Bang your head against the wall, bored.  My husband arrived this morning after spending the night securing last minute things.  We don’t buy into any of the mass hysteria going on, but we didn’t want to end up looking like jerks for being cocky.

Now that Michael is here, Luke has been hanging on him and/or whining that he wants to go home.  We live on a barrier island and the bridge is closed.  We can’t get back in even if we wanted to.

Miraculously got Madeleine down for a nap and piled blankets and pillows on and around her to recreate the womb. Maybe she’ll sleep through the howling wind outside the windows.  Wish I could crawl back in the womb sometimes and just sleep.

My addiction to coffee is telling me it’s almost time for my afternoon cup. I’m a little early, but what else to do I have going on right now?  Michael is snoozing on the chair-and-a-half in the living room and Luke is alternating between playing the Spiderman game on the iPad and whatever show is on HUB.

Enjoy the storm.

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