Mommy Sandwich

I’m sandwiched between my kids in bed at my mother-in-law’s house. It’s 10:44pm.  It would otherwise be a very comfortable bed, except for these leggy kids of mine.  They also snore.

We’ve evacuated. Well, actually, 3/4 of our family has. My husband stayed at our house to do some more preparing and sandbagging ( for Sandy) while I took the kids to his mother’s. He’ll be here in the morning.

Meanwhile, I can’t sleep. So now I’m blogging to you…

I just had to share how completely oddball it is that on any given day I can find several reasons (a creepy guy walking down the street while I’m walking kids looks at me funny or I watch the Today Show and learn about a new disease that is incurable) to become stressed and/or anxious.  But in the face of a potential natural disaster-ish situation, I’m very calm. 

I figured it out, though.  All I really want is for those I love most to be safe and happy.  We packed up our kids (safe) and brought their favorite toys (happy). Everything else is replaceable. 

Except our wedding album and the negatives for the photos, the kids’ baby albums, our hard drives, my journals – there are of course a few things I hoard like troll. 

Hmmm…I’m hungry. Why am I in the mood for shrimp salad? 

Happy trails to all in Sandy’s path. I’m going to try to sleep now. 

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2 thoughts on “Mommy Sandwich

  1. A mommy sandwich always makes me want to blog and eat. Hope you are all safe and sound!

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