We can’t have hair there, now can we?

Here I am, running my finger over my just-waxed upper lip (yes, we do have to address certain issues in our 30s, don’t we ladies?) feeling a little guilty that I haven’t gotten back on the blog-horse.  The more days that passed between the last time I wrote, the more I felt like I was out of ideas of what to chat about.

The good news is that we’ll be moving back home (since Sandy) very soon.  Our house will be new from top to bottom, which isn’t something I could say pre-hurricane, when my husband’s fix-it list was unreasonably long.  So, yay!  We’re going home.  (And then maybe the very well-intentioned people I know will stop asking me about the hurricane drama.  I’m sick of talking about it, but I do appreciate people who are only trying to be thoughtful.)

On a fun note, we’re taking a brief and (hopefully) romantic trip to Cape Cod next week and I’m sooooo very excited.  I have quite the case of wanderlust and have always had a love of all things New England.  Especially the way they talk…  “They’re in the yahd, not to faah from the caah,”.  If you don’t get that reference, we have a problem.

I look forward to sharing our trip with you.  Don’t worry, I’ll exclude any nude pics if any occur.  Don’t wanna scare anybody.

Happy, happiest Mother’s Day to all of you who have children of your own or who act as Mom to the special kids in your life.  That’s right, you don’t have to go through labor to be a mother.

Hmmm….what else, what else….I’ll probably think of a few other things once I hit “publish”.

Hope all is well with all of you.

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3 thoughts on “We can’t have hair there, now can we?

  1. Hey Mama, nice to have you back! I caught your ‘like’ on my latest post today and was excited to see you back in the saddle. Hope you have a relaxing time on Cape Cod. As a New Englander myself (I’m from Maine) I can relate to the need to hear some dropped r’s. Regarding nude pics, don’t be shy – I’d love to see your husband naked. Cheers!

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