Up your butt with a coconut

I don’t really have anything to say, but I’m happy that I took up chatting with you guys again after that loooong break.  And I figured what the heck, I’m awake and feel like babbling.

Today I had an appointment at our house (which we haven’t moved back into yet) with the guy from Smith & Noble.  There I was, flipping through swatches and taping them up next to the windows.  For a moment I became distracted by the enormous layer of crud on the windows that’s been festering there for seven months.  Yikes.  It’s exciting to know that in a couple of weeks we’ll be back home.  I can’t wait to decorate the kids’ bedrooms.  Now they’ll both have their own rooms since we renovated to divide one larger room.  Luke wants Angry Birds decals on his walls and Madeleine  – well…at first she wanted purple.

“Purple, Mommy!  I looooove purple!”  she said over and over and over again for months.

Now she’s saying PINK!  (She’s also been saying many other colorful things like, “Don’t look at me!”, “Up your butt with a coconut!” and my personal favorite, “Mommy, you’re an A**hole”.)

I hate to burst her almost-3-year-old bubble, but the room is painted in the most whispery, delightful shade of lavender.  It’s called Heaven from Benjamin Moore.

Benjamin Moore

“Heaven” Benjamin Moore

I also bought bedding from Restoration Hardware  for her in…(gulp)…lavender.  Will she ever forgive me?


Restoration Hardware

I also think these ideas are cute for kid bedrooms…

kids room

Fun, versatile storage

kids2 room

Do I really have to explain why this is cute?

lukes room

Just look at all that train storage!

It’s getting late and it feels like tiny (but substantial) sumo wrestlers are bouncing on my eyelids.

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