This is nice, I know it is.

“I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, ‘If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.'” – Kurt Vonnegut

Happy Anniversary to my husband, Michael.

Eight years ago, I married the man who would make my life.  While that may sound profound, or a little too much pressure to put on your spouse, think about how marriage functions in a person’s life.  It gives you a direction, a partner and a future.  Without this husband of mine, my life would be very different.  In what ways, I don’t know.  (Actually, I do know that I wouldn’t be a pole dancer.  I’m too uncoordinated.)  And the best part is, I don’t care to know.  I still get a little butterfly in my stomach when I hear his key in the door and I look forward to the reward of getting to snuggle into the sofa with him to watch a really good movie or even when he wants to watch Family Guy (the most annoying show in the world!).  It doesn’t matter when I’m sitting beside a person who makes me feel beautiful and important without saying a word.

So then, what is the plan to follow for a contented, fulfilled life between two partners?  That magic formula varies from couple to couple because as different as people are alone, they are just as different when you mix them together (for life).  It’s like mixing water and baking soda…nothing to write home about.  But vinegar and baking soda…Wammo!  (Can you tell I like to make homemade cleaners?)

All I know is that the day I said ‘I do’ was the day I made a very good choice for the following Top 10 reasons:

– He is the most ridiculous person I know, which is a key component in making life silly and funny rather than dull and bland.

– Passion is his middle name.  From things as small as what to order for takeout or other things as important as, well…wink, wink.

– Michael is able to share his feelings (even when I’m not interested in hearing about them, such as his complaints about people with poor manners).  But really, the important kind of feelings.  I’m so glad I don’t live with someone who behaves like a human clam.  Not fun and way too challenging, I’m sure.

– Everyone thinks he’s difficult and opinionated , but he’s really a moosh.  I love that I get the privilege of knowing is soft, cuddly center.

– He’s devoted to me and to our little family.

– He believes he’s hilarious (which is terribly endearing), but is actually mediocre as a comedian unless he’s doing one of his accent impressions.  His accents are so bad you can’t not laugh.  (Can we pause on the irony of a man of italian decent who can’t do a believable italian accent?)

– The way he looks at me when he thinks I’m cute/sexy.  Some days I wonder if he’s become temporarily blind.  I even love when he looks at me as if he’s remembering he married a neurotic, control freak.

– Funny voices he uses when he reads to our kids and how involved he gets when he plays with them, even when he’s so very tired

– The pure entertainment value of how irrationally irritated he gets at people who disobey traffic laws and that he genuinely feels that he has the solutions to traffic flow problems in the State of New York.

– He said ‘I do’ back.

The sweet romantic in me (whom at this point is probably making you gag on whatever you’re eating, or gag on oxygen itself) hopes you’re cuddling up to the one you love tonight.  Put this song on in your living room if you want to invite love into the room.  It was our wedding song.


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