Lola Versus My Crazy Kids

I don’t usually chat about movies with you all, but since my husband fell asleep at the very early hour of 9:15 tonight, I had free reign of the TV.  Pickins’ were slim.  Then I found this film called Lola Versus.  Have you seen it?  It stars Greta Gerwig.  She’s such a good actress and I can definitely relate to her – especially during the second to last scene of the movie when she trips in her too-high heels and falls onto the sidewalk, brushes herself off and then wobbly continues on her way.  Sadly, I have done that.  Zoe Lister Jones stars as the best friend.  She’s great, too, in a quirky-off-the-wall kind of way.

lola versus Photography By Myles Aronowitz Lola-Versus1-e1347482313632 r29-lola-versus-zoe

The film is about a young woman who gets dumped by her fiancé and must figure out what the hell she’s doing with her life.  She’s a little slutty (chlamydia much?) and confused about what to do next but the film unfolds in a relatable, funny and uplifting way.  I guess it’s a chick movie.  My husband opened his eyes just long enough to say What are you watching? and then his eyes rolled back in his head and he passed out again, so that probably means it wouldn’t appeal to most men.

Also, my kids are driving me a little bit insane.  So much so that I actually took the time to take a long bath tonight and filled the water up very high so I could submerge my whole body.  Being under water is lovely, when you can only hear the sound of your own breath.  It helped to drown out the sound of my son banging on the wall that he didn’t want to go to sleep.  The bathroom, very unfortunately, is next to Luke’s room.  I don’t know why I don’t do that more.  Baths, I mean.  Very relaxing after a day of She hit me again, he took my purple horsie, she wrecked my Transformers, I hate Madeleine, you’re a butthole, no you’re a butthole, stop copying me, she’s touching me again!

As I’m trying to keep up with the posts but also stay on top of qualité, that’s all I’ve got for tonight.

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