Hungry? Eat here in NYC


Why can’t you guys eat anywhere else?  You ask.

We do.  Sometimes.  A few weeks ago I followed the advice of Joanna Goddard over at A Cup of Joe and we went to Hudson Clearwater.   I was intrigued because she describes it as a “secret” restaurant that you can only find through “word-of-mouth”.  Sold!  I checked the menu first and it seemed interesting, except it wasn’t french.  My dining partner in crime (my husband) warned against it since we both adore Buvette so much.  (Read first review here.)

“It’s just not going to be that great.  It’s not french,” Michael said.

“I know.  But it’s a secret,”  I grinned, whispering the word secret.

I do need to say 2 things before I blahblahblah about Buvette again.  I enjoy A Cup of Joe very much. I read it every day and I feel lucky to be able to share Joanna’s finds, restaurants and tips of all kinds.  She has great ideas.  Also, Hudson Clearwater was good.  Français?  Non.  But the food, ambiance and service was lovely.  They need to step up their charcuterie plate but otherwise it was a pretty nice experience. I don’t need to go back, though.

Now, Buvette, on the other hand is probably one of my all time favorite restaurants.  The others are in California and I don’t live there so I have to make do with what is nearby.

We went there this Friday and it was niiiice and quiet.  The city empties out on July 4th weekend.  New Yorkers long for warm breezes and sand in their veggie-hummus wrap.  Long Islanders look forward to not waiting an hour for a table.

This time I ordered a different tartine (small plate).  I usually get the walnut pesto (TO DIE FOR).  I couldn’t not order it since I dream about it. I can actually taste it right now.

Gimme a sec, here.  (My eyes are closed.)

Ok.  Anyway, this time I also ordered the prosciutto-sage-parmigiano tartine.  Tasted almost like stuffing.  Yum.  Next to come was the tomato salad (light and tasty) and duck rillettes (fantastic).  Michael had the mussels as well but I was so full already.

Then we tried Clinton Street Baking Company for dessert. (I wasn’t that full.)  I had the blondie sundae and he had cherry pie.  I wanted to love this place more than I did.  Both of us liked what we had but I won’t put the TDF (to die for) stamp on it.  They were voted Best Pancakes a few years back, which was what drew me there initially.  (Bubby’s Pie Co. is one of my very favorites in NYC for pancakes and breakfast overall.  Housemade everything.  The sausage!!!  Great, strong coffee.) Is it worth another try for breakfast at Clinton Street? I’ll let you know.

There you have it.  Buvette and Bubby’s*.  If you like cozy, unstuffy french fare and are a lover of breakfast then you’ll be happy at these two gems.  Bon Appétit!

*Celeb siting: I once saw Jon Stewart having breakfast with his family at Bubby’s.  In that neighborhood you’re bound to see famous faces.

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