Fun apps if you have babies on the brain

I don’t have a bun in the oven.  We’re taking our time with this potential third baby idea.  But, I do enjoy me some fun baby stuff every now and then. It’s not my fault.  It’s mother nature.  She did it to me.  Plus, a friend I recently ran into delighted me with the news that she’s expecting her second child.  This one’s for her then, not moi.

Have you seen the funny apps featured on  I wonder if any of you parents-to-be will use any of these when it’s go-time.



Yeah, there’s an app for that.  iHypnobirth was created to help moms do their hypnobirthing thing while listening to “positive affirmations” and to help them “practice deep relaxation”.  I’m not making fun of it.  I’d even give it a try.  It’s just that after you’ve experienced labor twice, in a non-calm, jaw-clenching way, it’s tough to imagine it being less frenzied.  It’s just hurts SO much.  Can anyone be all hippied out during a completely natural birth?  Input welcome.  I may just get this app for any old regular, non-pregnant day of the week when I’m feeling amped up.



This app might actually come in handy if your partner is a bumbling ball of nerves and is having trouble timing your contractions.  I could also see this backfiring if said partner can’t work the app correctly and you, the pregnant one, grab the phone and smash it to bits out of sheer animal rage.  And pain, of course.  It’s great to time your contractions but I’m a firm believer in the woman who knows her body.  Listen to it!  You won’t need anyone telling you when baby’s about to make his grand entrance.  You’ll just feel it.

Acupressure for Natural Pain Relief in Labor

32ba7d4d5cb6435c9ce3e6b7230e477dHere’s something that couldn’t hurt, right?  Ask your partner to follow the instructions to relieve your discomfort through touch.  Unless you’re one of those women who can’t stand to be touched during labor.  Then your partner may get shoved.  Or punched.  Yeah, this app could go in many directions.

What would pregnancy be without saying until next time to some of your favorite earthly indulgences?  If you are pregnant, than you know what I’m getting at.  And I feel ya, sister.

Caffeine.  My latest love is espresso, since we now have the Nespresso machine.


Sushi.  I wouldn’t even touch a California Roll during pregnancy.  Cross contamination.

Smelly, unpasteurized cheese.  Inhale with me….Mmmmm.  If a person (me) with a dairy intolerance says it’s delicious then it must be.


And last but not least.  Vino.  The aroma, the taste, the delightful easing of the muscles as you sip in all that goodness.  Didn’t some doctor somewhere say something about health benefits, too?  Just not for babies-to-be.

racy-woman-wine-poster-598x467If you’re expecting, congratulations.  And if you’re contemplating it, like me, you’re probably now afraid of all you’ll be giving up.

Just think of all you’ll be gaining….


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