NYC Restaurant Review: Mas Farmhouse


Mas Farmhouse


dining room

This will be a quick post.  I didn’t get much sleep last night and I’m feeling it.  This espresso I’m drinking may as well be water.  Not working!

This past Saturday, my husband and I had dinner at Mas Farmhouse and it was great.  The interior is rustic-refined.  I don’t mean to sound “frah-frah-frah“, which is my word for having one’s head up one’s ass.  But really lovely inside.  Kind of zen, neutral tones, dim lighting, reclaimed wood paneling.  You get the idea.  We were seated in a cozy corner banquette.  I nearly fell head over heals for our delightful server who was adorable in his chinos and canvas slip-in sneakers with his neatly trimmed beard and warm smile.  He had the perfect balance of concern and discreetness.

Onto the food…

I took hideous pictures in the low lighting so I won’t post them but we started our 6-course Chef’s tasting menu with an amuse-bouche of duck liver mousse with shallots on brioche toast with apple compote.  If I were a food critic I’d describe it as “velvety, complex, luscious”.  Frah-frah-frah.  Our wine was  – oh crap I forgot the name – but it was french, Chinon I think and I guess I loved it because I definitely felt it the next day.  I usually let my husband choose the wine at restaurants.  I pick the place to eat, he picks what we drink.  Everyone always ends up happy.

The next course was a chilled strawberry gazpacho with arugula, cilantro and croutons.  Lovely and tasty.  Perfectly cooked salmon with cucumber foam was followed by seared pork belly.  O.  M.  G.  Not a health food, for sure, but if you’re going to eat pork belly, eat it at Mas Farmhouse.  I’ve had it elsewhere and was not satisfied.  This was like a more subdued, sexier and more decadent cousin of bacon.  The butter-poached lobster was fantastic.  Next was a killer lamb chop.  And while I usually prefer my lamb grilled so that it has a nice crust on the outside, this was so tender I think the chef may have held the lamb and rocked him to sleep before slaughtering him.  We enjoyed a very good cheese course before dessert but I don’t remember dessert too clearly – only that it was fruity, cold and creamy.  The server surprised us with 2 glasses of Maury dessert wine.  Sorry about the lack of detail but that, too, went down easy.  I’d order it again if I came across it.

Unpretentious and playful food with thoughtfully subtle flavor combinations.  Warm atmosphere and friendly staff.  A great time overall.

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