Motherhood moments

My kids have come down with a case of sniffle-sneeze-n-cough.  I’m sure I’m next.  We’re mostly housebound today and I’m sure this place won’t be quiet enough to write anything remotely brilliant.  But I’ll leave you with a funny moment.  Enjoy the weekend!

“Yee-ha, horsey!  Yee-ha!!!”  Madeleine is shouting gleefully as she rides her sparkly white unicorn, in the nude.

“Oh, no.  You need underwear,”  I say.   “You can’t put your vagina on top of your unicorn.”

The things I never thought I’d say.

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3 thoughts on “Motherhood moments

  1. There are so many avenues to walk up here, so many quips and one-liners that I don’t know where to start. In fact, I think I’ll leave this one alone, only to say that, nope, I’m not even going to do that one. PLEASE share one of these on my latest on the funny things kids say.

  2. Hahahahahhahahaa! Vagina on the unicorn! HAHAHAHAHA! I’m gonna have to work that line into a conversation somehow. LOL!

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