Adventures in family planning

Remember this post?  Well, I’ve done it!  I used my mystical powers of persuasion and convinced my husband it’s a fantastic idea to have a third child and we’ve officially started trying.  Some people would say How can you tell everyone you’re having sex?!  First of all…I’m extremely certain that no one is imagining what we do behind our bedroom door.  And secondly, I would never want people to think we don’t do it.  That’s worse than opening up about our plans to help overpopulate Earth.  Many more people than just myself are “trying” at this very moment (Oooh, sexy!) and it’s always nice to know that someone else is going through the same experience, with all its questions and uncertainties.  Plus, it’s exciting!  When I look at my beautiful kids I think, Wow!  I can’t wait to see what the next one will be like or Will the third kid be the one to send me to a sanitarium?

The funny thing about trying to conceive is that just the idea that you’re having sex to accomplish something – and not solely for pleasure – makes it more like work than play.  The first time around, when we conceived Luke, it was the most awkward sex we’d ever had.  My husband looked just about terrified.  I can’t even use the cliché about a deer in headlights because he looked even worse than that.  I must have performed brilliantly that night to keep him from running away.  This time Michael is more worried that he’ll gain weight via sympathy eating.  With neither pregnancy did I deliberately exercise, and most evenings ended with me cuddled up on the sofa with a pint of ice cream.

At this point, it’s only been 2 months.  Just enough time to rethink this whole idea and/or to get stressed about my fertility now that I’m 34.  I did see some cute fall clothes here and here that I don’t think I could wear if I were pregnant.  Also, it’s easier to clean up after my kids, and do things like run alongside them when they ride their bikes, while not pregnant – another bonus of not conceiving right away.  I’m enjoy the physically unencumbered time as I mentally prepare to (hopefully soon) be a mammoth for 9 months.

Guess you all know what we’ll be doing for the next 10 days or so.  That’s not weird, is it?

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3 thoughts on “Adventures in family planning

  1. Baby dust to you! Have fun. 😉

    (We are having baby #3 next month. He is causing awkward swelling in weird places- so it is nice to know at least someone out there is enjoying themselves.)

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