My Switzerland

Ten years ago this month, my husband and I took a spontaneous trip to Switzerland.

grindelwald-first-cable-carswitzerland-village First Lake, near Jungfrau, Switzerland

I was utterly enchanted by this exquisite country.  So clean, so orderly, such reliable public transportation!  I was sad to leave such a beautiful place and we both vowed to return the following summer.


It’s been a decade and I still ache to visit Switzerland.  The air smells sweet – like grass and flowers and…well, oxygen I guess.  It’s delightful even if you don’t think much about oxygen.  The people are pleasant (how could they not be, living where they do?) and the homes in the village where we stayed were kept lovingly with gardens overflowing with flowers.  A rafting trip was my one credit to not being a wuss for a change and the river emptied into a lake so clear and blue it felt like…what can I say without being cheesy…it was heavenly.  Truly, it was.  But cold!

It’s a destination I’d feel comfortable taking my kids and beside just soaking up the culture, there are endless excursions for the whole family.

This is where we went that first time.  But I’d really like to go here next!

Have you ever been to Switzerland?

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4 thoughts on “My Switzerland

  1. cortney on said:

    I hope you can return soon, especially with your kids! After visiting several parts of the country, it seems like an ideal spot for families, from the variety of activities for children of any age, to the infrastructure (e.g., family cars on the trains complete with mini-slides and monkey bars). And the Italian part of Switzerland is so beautiful in the summertime!

  2. Yes I have! I lived there when I was young for a time and visited with my older son when he was still in diapers. It is clean, it is efficient, it is beautiful, and I’ve only really spent time on the French side. Just spending time around lake Geneva is a worthwhile trip, I too am longing to get back there and hope to do a hiking trip with my boys when the younger is a bit older. Thanks for the post. Tugs at my heartstrings.

  3. When I was living in Florence I spent a month traveling around Europe on a Eurail Pass, and ended up in Switzerland for several days. Loved it, and would love to go back. Simply stunning scenery, and after the splendid squalor and chaos that was Italy, Switzerland’s order was a welcome respite. People complain that it’s dull. I can deal with that kind of dull.

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