Not that I’m rushing it but is school starting yet??

Hello there!  It’s a been a little while since I’ve had the chance to have my brain to myself.  The exciting news is that both of my kids will be starting school in a couple of weeks.  I hope that allows me more time to write about all the things swirling around in my head.  The little one will only be in pre-school for 3 days a week, but maybe between errands and prepping dinner I’ll give myself the chance to catch up with all of you.

To bring you up to date, my days have been filled with trips to the doctor (Luke has allergies and seems to be an upper respiratory infection magnet), a bathroom that smells constantly of urine (since Madeleine is potty training and Luke uses his penis much like a fire hose), a few beach days, and my attempt to multi-task each day’s chores (i.e. starting a load of laundry while holding half a cucumber that I meant to put in the produce drawer in the fridge but forgot to.  At this point, no vegetables have been thrown in the wash by mistake).

Oh yeah, and today I felt a teensy bit unmotherly when I giggled to myself as Madeleine swatted at her brother with her pink fairy wand while he pulled her hair.  I can’t reprimand everything.  Some of this stuff is just pure entertainment.

Hope you’re enjoying the last moments of summer.

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