What men want you to wear


Although I met my husband 13 years ago, I still want to get his attention when we go out on a date.  I choose my outfit not only by what the weather is like or if I’m feeling good (or bloated), but also by what I think he thinks is sexy.  I can always tell what he really thinks of what I’m wearing when I catch him by surprise.  If he says something quickly, like That’s sexy or Oh, I like that dress then I know it’s a winner.  If he pauses for a second first, I usually find something else to wear.

While all men have different opinions about what’s attractive and what’s over-the-top or high-maintenance-ish, it seems that most of them just want to see their girl looking confident and ready for a good time.


Wear this on a date? What fun would that be? If you’re a messy eater or sit on something, your outfit is ruined and the date won’t be much fun.

Check out this funny and sweet video where a few guys were interviewed about what they like a woman to wear on a date.


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4 thoughts on “What men want you to wear

  1. But I also think that we are at our sexiest when we are comfortable in what we wear. I mean, a dress could look smoldering on me but if it keeps slipping off my chest or the straps keep falling off and I keep yanking it up, somewhere the appeal of the dress and my hot quotient falls. So I personally feel, you have to be comfortable in it too..Will check out the video later as I am accessing this from work..:P

    • Yes! Comfort is so important. My husband and I just went to the city for dinner and my shoes were absolute torture. I almost made him carry me to the restaurant.

    • I completely agree! I feel so uncomfortable when I have to worry whether my bra is showing, whether my straps are falling down, tights are laddered! It’s almost a buzz kill! But then again I’m no Blake Lively! (I wish) H x

  2. A fairly good rule of thumb: Less is more, Mama, less is more.

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