Juice recipes for beautiful skin

fresh-squeezed-juices-horizYou got me.  I jumped on the juice-wagon like so many others.  A woman in Trader Joe’s complimented my daughter’s pink, frilly skirt yesterday and attempted to suck me into a conversation about why asparagus is so expensive for such a small package and went on tell me she’s juicing right now.  I sneaked away from her as quickly as possible.  Didn’t she see I was chasing after a frilly-skirted road runner?  (Meep, meep)

Anywho…my juicer’s been resting comfortably in my kitchen cabinet and he’s probably feeling a little neglected.

Clear skin has always been a goal of mine.  Many of my friends seem to have no issue keeping their faces bright and sparkly.  And then there’s me with my occasional acne and (often) rosacea, a bit peeved that I got the short end of the cultural stick by way of Irish/Polish/Italian/German heritage.  I mean, aren’t Italians supposed to have radiant olive-tone skin?  Should I point the finger at the northern european decent?

I’m going to beg my juicer’s forgiveness and try some of these recipes that may hold the key for me and my skin woes.  An energy boost would also be a welcome change.

Happy juicing!

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2 thoughts on “Juice recipes for beautiful skin

  1. My juicer is much-neglected, and I also suffer from northern-European skin. Luckily the kids got my wife’s coloration, which means that in family photos there are three Coppertone models and one newborn piglet. The sad thing is that there are people – particularly women – all over the world (mostly in Africa and East Asia) who are using toxic lead-based creams to achieve something approximating my embarrassing pinky glow. I guess we all want what we haven’t got.

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