A quick note of thanks…


Don’t think I haven’t noticed.  Yes, I’m talking to you.

There have been a bunch of you who’ve decided to follow my blog recently.  When I check my stats I have to admit I get so excited to see that there are people, like you guys, out there who enjoy what I’m doing here.  Thanks so much for checking in!  I may not respond to every person who is new to lessthanperfectmama (major lack of free time!) but I do appreciate it.

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4 thoughts on “A quick note of thanks…

  1. It’s weird – you seem to reach a certain critical mass (I’ve not reached it yet, but I might be approaching it in a year or two) when you get followers each and every day without doing much of anything.
    My blog sucks these days – I haven’t written much of late and what I have has been, well, hurried (read, shitty), but the followers keep coming in. The first 1000 took almost a year, the second 1000 just a few months, the third 1000 even less, and I think I might hit 4000 pretty soon. Even without posting much content lately.
    Anyway, love your stuff as always, and try not to run out of steam. I’m out of steam right now. I have no time, no inspiration. But they will return ( I think). Both time and inspiration. Keep it up, Mama.

    • Thank you for the compliment, but I only have 108 followers and who knows how many of my facebk friends (probably like 6 of them total). I’m willing to wait for stardom (ha!) as I piddle away and blather about nonsense. Your blogs sucks, does it? Your voice comes through loud and clear regardless of the topic you choose. That’s what people respond to more than the actual words, which are witty and entertaining – in my humble opinion.

      • Ok, it seems like I was bragging about the followers thing, which I most certainly was not. I harbor no delusions of grandeur – am a microbe in a very large lake – and what I was talking about was how followers just seem to show up over time in a kind of snowball effect.
        I love what you write. It’s funny, and fun, and true. Keep at it.
        I don’t know if you follow Bucketlist. It’s this woman who does ‘adventure’ travel and whatnot. The writing is weak (at best), and although her destinations are interesting her coverage is tourinform horseshit. Yet she gets like a million views a week. That kind of pisses me off.
        Anyway, thanks for the support, and I’ll try to continue to be “witty and entertaining” as best I can.

      • I don’t know why this comment of yours popped into my head today. I clicked back over to it to share my thoughts. I got to thinking of how “followers” are the same people who’d buy a book at Barnes and Noble. One day I hope to be a published novelist (after much improvement and actually having an idea that I can turn into a few hundred pages) and I’d hope that it would sell many, many copies. Is that shallow? I’d like to make a living at something I truly enjoy doing and if many people were to buy it, it’s kind of the same as people following my blog (only they get to do that for free). So as I thought of that I realized as a published novelist, I wouldn’t have a way of checking the “credentials” of my readers. It could be a crap novel and there may still be people who’d want to read it. Yes, I agree that there’s a lot of content out there that isn’t written for other writers. Blogs can be about anything and it’s about finding your niche. I kind of hate that word. Literature of any kind is about enjoyment and perhaps learning something. At least that’s how I see it. The same way I feel about music. Whether it’s crap or not is subject to opinion and if it evokes great emotion then the listener is probably pleased and will continue to listen. I sort of lost my point. Oh yeah, back to quality. Since we both enjoy writing for the sake of writing well, being respected by the…what would you call it? Literary community would be very cool. But in the end I think it’s about bringing people enjoyment. That’s all I’ve got.

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