Here kitty, kitty

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We have one bathroom in our house.

My kids have a brutal and uncanny ability to summon the urge to use the bathroom at the same moment that I’m in there doing my thing.

What I was doing in the bathroom yesterday is not really the point of the story.  The point is that I get absolutely NO privacy.



There is no place on Earth I can successfully hide from my kids.  They’re like cheetahs.  In fact, they may be half cheetah.


I can prove it…

  1. Cheetahs hunt for their prey during the day.  Moi, being said prey.
  2. They’re extremely fast but tire quickly.
  3. They enjoy peeing on everything.
  4. They can spot prey from 5km away.  Thus why I have trouble hiding.
  5. Cheetahs can’t climb trees. Irrelevant, since we live by the beach and there aren’t many trees anyhow.
  6. They don’t roar, but rather yelp, bark and/or chirp.  Reason enough why I’ve probably suffered hearing damage since becoming a parent.

I’m heading to the grocery store in search of a gazelle.  Maybe that’ll keep the little ones busy for a while.  Wish me luck.

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One thought on “Here kitty, kitty

  1. Love the Cheetah analogy! Trust me, some day you will get your privacy back. In the meantime, practice your sneaky momma cheetah moves as you exit a room. When being preyed upon, stay silent! You might just get your business done before the babies track you down!

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