Princess Under-the-Weather

I feel like I’m coming down with something.  Heavy head, achey neck, stuffy nose.  I’m not out of commission yet, but it’s coming.  I just know it.


When you’re not feeling well do you like to get outside and try to shake it off,  or would you rather lie down and rest?

I like to rest.  The chances of that happening, however, are about as likely as Queen Elizabeth II knocking on my door…

“Lindsay!  I’ve found you at last,” she’d exclaim.   “I’m here to tell you that you’re of royal blood and you must come along with me immediately to live a life of leisure in our obscenely oversized palace.”

To which I’d reply, “Liz, thank God you got here.  You know, I’ve been feeling like this “commoner” gig just ain’t working for me.  Does a new wardrobe come with this deal?  Private jet, maybe?”

What?  Too far-fetched?

My kids seem to sniff out my vulnerability when I don’t feel good.  Like hyenas.

But they’re my hyenas, so I love them anyway.  All the racket they normally make sounds so much louder, though.

Did your kids come with a mute button?  Mine definitely did not.

What’s with the animal references, huh?  The other day they were cheetahs.

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2 thoughts on “Princess Under-the-Weather

  1. I like this animal stuff. I hope mine is a dolphin. Feel better!

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