A baby by any other name


I’ll spare you the details of baby-making.  You know how it’s done, right?  

I mentioned a while back about our plans to expand the fam.  I’m not pregnant.  Since I feel like my plate is full with the two maniacs I have running around our house (3 maniacs, if you count my husband), I’m not rushing this time around.  Babycenter.com has a due date calculator that tells you approximately when baby will arrive.  While I’d welcome any baby, any month of the year, I’m trying to avoid a late June/early July birth because in our family we already have a bunch of birthdays that month.

Is that silly, planning conception around convenience?

This month would put us in that due date time frame and to avoid accidental conception I’ll just sit prudishly next to my husband on the sofa and sip tea while wearing a winter coat over a turtle neck over a jumpsuit.  And I won’t shave my legs.

Although I’m sure there are men out there that would be turned on by that.

The one thing I’m worried about – ok, not worried.  Worry is for serious things that actually matter in the grand scheme of life.  The one thing I have on my mind is that…I’m embarrassed to say it because it’s going to sound shallow.

What if someone I know has a baby and names their baby my baby name?!  (I’ve already chosen one for a boy.)

See?  I told you.  It’s shallow.

Just to clarify, I couldn’t care less if a friend of mine named both of their kids Luke and Madeleine (those are my kids, in case you’re just joining us).  Go ahead!  Use our last name too, just for fun.

The thing is, what if I then (hopefully) have a baby and use that particular name and the friend thinks I glommed onto their kid’s name?

You can say it. I’m overreacting.

When attempting to make a baby all that should really be on my mind is having a healthy baby.  Of course!  I know that.  I do.

But still….

Maybe I should tell you guys the name and then it’d kind of be like I’m calling it.

I’d have to say the name and then shout MINE! really fast.

Come on, don’t leave me hanging out here all by myself.  You know you get protective of your baby names.


Just wink or nod so I know you get me.

Happy Friday!

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3 thoughts on “A baby by any other name

  1. Debra Duryea on said:


  2. This is funny, my mum was going to call me Georgina Elizabeth and told her sister, Aunty Kim told her sister in law Mums planned names and she called her daughter born just before me those names, not one both! I like my names more so Im glad she pinched them 😉

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