You never saw me

Shhhh…don’t tell anyone.  I really shouldn’t be writing this morning. I have 1 hour to get myself cleaned up and do the housework before going over to my son’s school for Snack & Storytime.  But here I am chatting with you guys.

I wish I could stay longer and write the posts I really want to write this week, but it’s not looking like leisure time will be showing its face.  Except for this teensy bit of time I’m stealing right now.

I’m also eating breakfast right now so I’m counting it as multi-tasking.

I just had to get off my chest how obnoxious my kids were this morning.  (Yes, I still love them.)  Madeleine got 10 stickers on her behavior chart and chose something out of the “treasure chest”.  She chose a fart noise maker.  Kind of like a kazoo but more annoying.  All I heard the whole morning was fart noises, which is my fault since I purchased the contents of the “treasure chest”.  Then they were all wound up and started singing songs about “butts”, “pee-pee”, and “doodie”.  And neither of them would listen to me at all.

Oh and by the way, the gluten-free thing.  Nah.  It’s over.


Yes to the dairy-free (except for the ice cream I had last night) and yes to the no-more-refined sugar (except for the aforementioned ice cream and chocolate covered almonds I also had last night).

But I will say i’ve been taking a closer look at my diet overall and I’m on board with making long-term improvements.

I  haven’t gone running either in several days.

Bad Mommy.


I don’t own cute running clothes so, no, I don’t look like this when I run



I look like this.

To sum up:  messy house, cheated on “diet” and not exercising.

I’m not perfect, we know that.  It says so in the title of this blog, after all.

Have a great day 😉

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2 thoughts on “You never saw me

  1. We were trying to cut out dessert in our house. The kids can’t have any, but I eat it at work. That said. I haven’t had ice cream in a month and a half. I’m dying over here.

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