My sister the stripper & the Beaver Mobile

What kind of car did your family have growing up?

Mine had a burgundy Chevy Celebrity station wagon, much like this one.

5099880471_da1e087d79Some of you may remember that station wagons often had the third row seat that faced backward – the back-back.  I’d sit back there with my younger sister and my cousin and we’d sing and make pig faces and stick our tongues out at anyone who would pause to watch us.  Good times!  My older sister, Kim, was too cool to sit in the back-back.  She missed all the fun.

Would you get me to sit in the back-back now?  Hell, no!

It’s a death trap back there.  I don’t even think my mom enforced seat belts.

Hello, Mom?  What were you thinking?

(She was probably thinking, “Hey brats, I just worked the overnight shift at the hospital and this Scotch tape is doing a crap job of holding my eyes open!”)

There was a risqué incident in that Chevy involving nudity.  I know what you’re thinking.  How could such a dorky car get so much action?  Well…

My sister, Ashley, decided to strip down to her bare bottom and do a dance for the elderly folks in the car next to us, as my mom cashed her paycheck at the drive-thru teller.

Ashley was only about 4 at the time and, I assume, the thrill of strip-teasing didn’t stick because it did not become her profession.  She still enjoys dancing, but not the exotic variety.

Later on, my parents bought yet another (even larger) station wagon.  A Buick Electra wagon.  What were they trying to do to me?

I learned to drive on this heifer.



That thing was a monster.  We called it the beaver mobile, but that’s another story.

Eventually it spontaneously caught fire and the Beave was laid to rest.

What’s one of your fondest childhood memories?

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