Happy Friday


I haven’t abandoned you guys!  I actually do feel guilty when I’m slow to write something new.  This has been a busier week than normal and I find myself wondering if you’d be interested in any of the typical stuff going on around here.  Weird, since I love reading other blogs where I can follow along with the simple goings-on of someone else’s life.

Above is a pic I took at Hank’s Family Farm in Watermill, NY.  We go every year and this time we actually got Luke to ride a pony.  Major achievement for my son, so his giant grin was especially meaningful.  Madeleine rode, too.  Although that kid would ride a rhinoceros without thinking twice.

We planned to grab breakfast when we got out east toward the farm but we ended up not finding any place that would do, and I’m not so happy-go-lucky that I’m good to go without breakfast.  We later found ourselves  shoving fresh donuts and popcorn into our yappers and washing it down with hot coffee.  Not a terrible deviation from my usual boring sprouted wheat toast.  Stop it.  You know I’m a wild woman.

Any fun plans for the weekend?

We’re going to hang out with my in-laws and the kids are excited to see their cousins. Life gets pretty hectic once the school year begins and we haven’t all been together in a while.  Should be fun.

Enjoy whatever you do this weekend!

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