Life is in the details


Someone somewhere works at a factory that makes door knobs.

You’re thinking, Where’s she going with this?  

This morning when I closed the bathroom door behind me, my little darlings lounging carefree on their personalized Pottery Barn chairs, I pushed the small round button in the center of the door knob.


What appeared to be an ordinary door knob suddenly transformed the bathroom into an escape hatch.

There’s no way my kids’ brains or hands could figure out how to get in.  (Yes, my kids are smart.  No, they’re not geniuses as far as I know.  And we haven’t given them screwdrivers or hammers at this point.)  I considered that they’d try to barge in – you know like in Lord of the Rings when the Orcs stormed the castle.  But they didn’t.


There I was, alone and enjoying a few quiet moments while brushing my teeth and I was very aware of what someone else does for a living.


Hurray for peace and quiet!!! Thank you door knob makers of the world!

Whether you make door knobs, pick up garbage for a living, or you’re a crossing guard for bratty teenagers on their way to school, someone somewhere thinks what you do is a good thing.  You’re appreciated.

In case  you didn’t know.

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