Laughs for moms who could use one


I know.  My posts haven’t been plentiful lately.  Another busy week and now that the weekend is here, it’s my husband’s birthday.  It’s a weekend to bake a cake and celebrate the guy who still gives me butterflies.

For a quick laugh check out this funny list only a mom could love.  (Thanks for the link Trisha!)  And this one that might make you cry (in a good way).  I had a lump in my throat after the first minute of the video.

Hope you’re having a delicious, relaxing weekend.

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2 thoughts on “Laughs for moms who could use one

  1. Two great links – one amusing and one touching – but tell me: Where are the DADS? It’s always mommy this and mommy that – throw me a bone, for goodness’ sake!

    • Thanks for calling me out on that. It’s true. There are plenty of involved, devoted dads out there who get no respect (did you hear Rodney Dangerfield when you read that??). What I’d like to see is a documentary similar to the one I linked that shows dads with their kids. If you have any film making experience and spare time on your hands when you’re not wiping asses, organizing your family’s schedule, cooking meals, doing homework, brushing your teeth or someone else’s….

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