Happy Sunday


our kids on the beach near our home

It’s Sunday.  The best day of the week.  Around here we relish this day because, for most of us, it’s the day before the routine starts back up.

There’s a quietness about fall leading into winter that I love.  Especially when it snows.  No snow yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

When it’s cold outside there’s less to do.  (Unless you’re an outdoor sports enthusiast from Colorado or something.)  The urge to get things done eases up, which I love since deep down inside I’m a little bit lazy – a feeling I try to resist every day.  In summer there’s always gardening to do and if the sun’s shining it feels wasteful to squish into the couch and pour over magazines that have been lying in wait in the wooden tray in the living room for me to scoop up and devour.

Today Madeleine is flouncing around, already dressed in fluffy pink skirt and princess tiara, and Luke is busily constructing something in his bedroom with his Dad.

Shhh…it’s quiet in here.

I probably should compose a post that has a point since I have some extra time but we’re just chatting today.  My coffee mug isn’t yet empty and no one is asking for anything.  No one’s whining, no one’s being strangled or pinched or kicked.

It’s the little things, right?

There’s glitter everywhere, by the way.  Eve-ry-where.  Remember the DIY Christmas Ornaments?  It started off pretty well as a fun project with the kids, with help from my sister as art project director, but ended with glitter in every crevice in the house.  Between the floorboards, stuck to the sides of pots and pans, and down my shirt.  Add in the paint slathered onto both kids who for some reason couldn’t help but jump up unexpectedly to run into another room before I could catch them and wipe their hands.



this is my daughter’s interpretation of Snow White


I may not be a top-notch DIY’er but I gave it a shot.

Happy Sunday

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