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I wasn’t planning on scribbling out a post this afternoon.  You see, I have this little photo project I’m working on and I’m trying to get it done as a Christmas gift for some family members.  But it’s such a foggy, dark, dank kind of afternoon and this weather makes me want to write.

Madeleine is blissfully lounging on the sofa, entangled in the throw I picked up at the Pottery Barn outlet a while back.  It’s sort of a loosely woven throw and she’s poking her finger through it, stretching a bigger hole into it.  Normally, I’d intervene to extend the lifespan of the throw.  But it’s become almost a security blanket for the family.  Except for my husband who’s always hot.  Eventually the throw will have gaping holes in it throughout but maybe that adds to the charm.

The dryer is humming as it tosses around a load of jeans and underwear.  Our house is messy.  Shocking.  Messy because we half-decorated the Christmas tree and the boxes of ornaments and stuff are strewn about in the dining area.  Just the lights are on the tree until tomorrow night when we’ll order pizza and decorate it together.  Now that the kids are getting bigger it can become a family affair, instead of just me and Michael doing it after they’ve gone to bed.

I grew up in a home that was always decorated in great Marth-Stewart-esque detail during Christmastime.  My mom is a talented decorator, although she never did it professionally.  The only bummer was that we weren’t allowed to put any “ugly” ornaments on the front of the tree.  Only on the side that faced the staircase.  And only on the bottom.  And then the cats would paw at those ornaments on the bottom of the tree and they’d drag them away to play with some more, never to be seen again.


I decided to change it up for our little family of four.  The more kitsch and obnoxious colors, the better.  (Plus, we don’t have cats.)  I want the kids to be involved and for them to look at our tree and feel like they were a part of it.  Even if it’s kind of an eyesore.  One day when they move out I’ll spend a horrid amount of money on new decorations and finally live my Christmas-decorating dreams.  But until then….

You want an Angry Birds ornament to put smack-dab in the center of the tree?  

Sure, kid!  

Hello Kitty paraphernalia for the front lawn? 

You got it.

How are you decorating for the holidays?  Any special traditions you can’t live without?  I’d love to hear.

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