Valentine’s Day is for Jerks

Hold on, hold on.   “Jerk” is perhaps too harsh a word.  And really, I’m a romantic sap.  I’ve just never been able to get on board with the holiday I call “Forced Love Day”.  It’s cute for kids (I always do little gifts and treats for ours) and lovey, googly-eyed teens, but for long-term relationships and married couples it’s like, If you wait for that one day a year in February to show me affection and appreciation then, Baby, this ain’t gonna work.

Don’t save it up.  Spread it around all year long.

That being said, my husband and I do exchange cheesy cards on February 14th and occasionally he’ll send flowers.  Unless we happen to have lots of expenses that month, in which case I forbid that he spend money on flowers.  (Guys like practical girls, don’t they?)

So, forgive me if I’m confusing you by doing a post on Valentine’s Day gifts.  For all of you V-Day extremists out there, I didn’t want to let you down.


  1. HowAboutWe for Couples Scavenger Hunt!  Need I say more?
  2. Trefethen Family Vineyards  This is a long time favorite in our house (adults-only!).  While I wouldn’t turn my nose up at any varietal they produce, the Cabernet Franc is my favorite.
  3. Swiss Army Knife
  4. H&M
  5. Gentle Brew Coffee Roasters  Now that I’ve started drinking Gentle Brew coffee, I won’t ever go back to a supermarket brand.  Every morning I start my day with a cup of Dark Horse, the ultra-dark blend.
  6. My husband is quite the fan of Chuck Palahniuk’s books.  If your guy enjoys thrilling page-turners, he won’t be disappointed.
  7. What guy doesn’t like to play games?
  8. Big Spoon Roasters – the surest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.


  1.  Victoria’s Secret Pajama
  2. Amethyst & Gold Ring  A perfect gift if you want to go all out.
  3. Tulip Magnolia Branches will arrive at the door of your special someone in a simple, glass vase.  Wouldn’t this be a nice gift for your mom or sister?
  4. Woodhouse Chocolate is divine!  We discovered this St. Helena shop on a trip to wine country in Calfornia.  My husband sent these to me last year on my birthday and it didn’t take me very long to polish off the box.
  5. Love in the time of Cholera  I keep hearing that this a great book but have yet to read it.  If you’ve read it, please leave a note below.
  6. How pretty is this Gingko Cuff bracelet?
  7. Shiatsu massage for Two  If your meat hooks aren’t made for massage, let How About We for Couples send the pros over for a relaxing night in.


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One thought on “Valentine’s Day is for Jerks

  1. Great suggestions. I wish my husband enjoyed the usual man stuff – he is impossible to shop for!

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