Happy Friday

This post isn’t about Positano, Italy, as you might have guessed from the cover photo.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be there right now, though?  We’ll take my private jet.  Ohhhh, wait.  My jet’s in the shop.

I just read a good post by Abbey Nova on Design Scouting about enjoying life’s little moments.  When certain stressful situations pop up in life I find that I’m more likely to tune into quieting my mind, so Abbey’s post had the right timing.  My little moments as of late have been listening to my music in the car once the kids are in school (sorry Disney Princess compilation), drinking my morning coffee slowly and really enjoying it, and freeing myself from any other distractions after school so that I can study my kids’ faces and ask them about their day over cookies and milk, and to say less so they can use the silence to tell me whatever is buzzing around in their minds.  The focused attention, I find, is all they really want.

Tomorrow is February 1st.  My plan for the new month is to commit to an exercise routine, be it running or yoga or Tracey Anderson DVDs.  My sister-in-law gave me her set of Tracey’s videos and I have yet to try it. (I’ll get there, Nicole!)

I left you a song to check out.  Have I left a link for this before?  I just love it.  I listen to them once I drop the kids off at school and turn it up all the way.

Enjoy the weekend

PS – another post to check out if you’re feeling like there are more worries on your mind than usual is this one.  Helps to put things into perspective.

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