Fantastically kind and Freakin’ hilarious

How did you spend the weekend?  Yes indeed, we saw the Lego movie with our 2 kids, 1 grandma, 2 nephews and 1 niece in tow.  Amazingly, all the kids were well behaved and gleefully shoveled candy and popcorn into their yappers.

Did the thought cross my mind that the popcorn could’ve been trampled by cockroaches before it was spooned into bags and passed across the concession counter?  Sure.  Any sane mom would think the same thing.  Wouldn’t she?  But yesterday I was fun, laid-back, cockroach-tainted, popcorn-munching Mom.

Annnywaaay, I thought I’d start the week off on an uplifting note.  Have you heard about the very generous man who donated $465 out of his own pocket to pay the lunch account balances of some students in Houston, Texas?

You can read the whole story here.  Kenny Thompson, you warmed my heart.

Saturday night I was laughing hysterically at this from Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Although celebrities seem to have perfect lives, they do need to have a thick skin.  Twitter can be brutal!

Enjoy your day!

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