Good morning to you

Are you having coffee and thumbing through your favorite magazine like I am?  Come on, yaaawwwnnn and streeeetttccchhh your arms over your head with me.

This morning we made blueberry pancakes and I opened the back door to let in the warmish air.  Fifty degrees feels positively balmy since this winter has really dished out some uncomfortably frosty weather.

I’m looking to cook and bake this weekend.  Are you?

The March issue of Martha Stewart Living finally arrived and there are lots of tasty recipes to experiment with.

Try this easy dough and have a rustic pizza and big, fresh salad (like this one from what katie ate) for dinner tonight.  Sounds easy, right?

martha stewart

Prosciutto Mozzarella Pizza will be on our table this weekend, for sure.

And how about these black & white cookies from food52?


It’s near impossible for me to resist these babies if someone brings them over to our house.  You see, I never buy them because I’ve been known to eat a whole box in one day.  (I don’t recommend that.)

And lastly, have you seen this recipe for Brown Butter Cupcake Brownies?


I can’t possibly make all these things myself today so why don’t you try one and let me know what you think.

There must be something wrong with me since all I want to do is cook, bake and eat, eat, eat.  You know what? I’m going for a run.  Gotta balance out all this food somehow!

Hope you’ll be enjoying the spring-like weather.

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