Happy Friday

I know I’m not the only parent who feels like I live in Alaska, but MAN! it’s been pretty isolating around here with all this crappy, cold weather and two kids who enjoy complaining about putting 10 pounds of winter gear on just to walk out the door.

Between baking, setting up the easel so they can paint their little hearts out, and Disney movies out the ying-yang, we’re doing our best to keep occupied until spring shows up.

Hello?  Spring, are you there?  

I started surfing around to cure a lull in the afternoon last weekend when there was plenty of whining going on and I found a few kid-perfect websites that I think you’ll like.


If you’re familiar with the Pigeon books, like we are, you’ll love Mowillems.com.  While it’s not as new-fangled-fancy as nickjr.com or disneyjunior.commy daughter laughed her head off as she played games featuring her favorite characters from Willems’ books

Wonderpolis.org is a question-satisfying place to visit online if your child has a hunger for answers.  Topics are presented in an easy-to-understand way and answer questions that you, as the adult (yeah, that’s you), may not know the answers to either.  Like, How do water towers work?

For the little bookworms in your house, check out randomhousekids.com.  Games, videos, activities, and even a book finder where you input your child’s age and what kind of book you’d like to find and Presto! a list of books that your child will probably love.

MagicTreeHouse.com is fun for kids who are a little older, about 6+.  This is a great site for helping kids learn about different periods of history and so much more.

National Geographic Kids will delight animal lovers.  Games, cool animal photos, videos, jokes and a link to the National Geographic Little Kids for younger brothers and sisters.

You didn’t think I’d sign off for the weekend without leaving something for you, did you?

Check out this link to a performance by one of my new favorite bands on Letterman.  I looove them.

Doesn’t this look delicious?

If you loved a certain iconic 80s flick, take a look at this article.  Read the whole thing.  I laughed out loud.

Jake Gyllenhaal has a creepy, dark movie out.  The trailer scares me.

Is this the weirdest way to meet someone, or what?

So, while you’re enjoying a day at the beach you see this!

So happy for these two after all these years.  Hope this is true.

Enjoy the weekend

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