Tinseltown needs macarons

Last night as the dazzling ladies of Hollywood glided down the red carpet I stuffed my face with macarons.  Yes, they all looked radiant but you know as well as I do that most of them probably hadn’t eaten in 3 or 4 days.  Imagine!  Guess Hollywood is not where I belong.

On second thought, maybe I should’ve been there to give out these tasty treats…

Don’t be discouraged if you read this recipe for hazelnut macarons and they seem to be more involved than a simple butter cookie.  The result with be worth the extra effort.  I filled the cookies with swiss meringue buttercream instead of  chocolate filling.


You’ll have to toast the nuts first and then roll them around in a dish towel to remove the skins.  Annoying but worthwhile, since removing the skins will save you effort when you sift the nuts and confectioners sugar together.


Take your time sifting to achieve optimal texture


Little helpers

When our house flooded last year my pastry kit sailed somewhere far, far away and I haven’t yet replaced it.  In it was my collection of pastry bags and tips.  In a pinch you can easily grab a ziplock bag, fill it with batter and snip the tip off so you can pipe out the cookies.  They may not look perfectly round but, hey, we’re not showcasing these babies in a museum.  We’re eating them.  If they come out ugly just close your eyes.


I sadly admit, the first batch sunk in the middle while they baked, leaving a craggy surface rather than the smooth one I was hoping for.  I’m a texture freak, so this disappointed the crap out of me.  (Here’s where we close our eyes.)  Normal people like my husband won’t mind.  They’ll just pop them into their mouths happily.  Are you fortunate enough to be normal?


The second batch came out nicer


See how ugly the tops on these are?

Side note:  I’m a huge fan of Matthew McConaughey and his new show True Detective so I’m so happy that he won Best Actor.  I haven’t seen Dallas Buyers Club, have you?  I’ve heard it’s awesome.

In case you missed the red carpet, here’s a recap and another macarons recipe you may want to try if you like a hint of mint.  Enjoy!

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