What do you believe?

A while back I went to see a medium.  He’s well-known in the NY area and my cousin had gone for a reading and reported back that he was very accurate and wasn’t a creepy weirdo.  Bonus.  I figured what the heck.  I’d been worried about a minor health issue that I was blowing up in my mind and I had also wanted to make contact with my late grandmother if she wasn’t too busy.

I didn’t go into the session with the desire to have my socks knocked off or for him to reveal any cosmic truths that would rearrange life as I knew it.  I was hoping for a bit of comfort and if my grandma had anything to say that would be nice, too.  Although, I didn’t need anyone to convince me that she was with me everyday already.

While I’m not a sceptic, I don’t believe that mediums are without human flaws that could affect their ability or that they’re able to see into every corner of someone’s future.  But this guy was good.

I hadn’t given him any information prior to our session except for my first name and my cell phone number and the session was paid for in cash.  I’m a believer in those who are more mentalists or adept observers than mediums, so I said hello after entering his office and then nothing afterward.  I didn’t want to lead him on or assist him in doing my reading.

My grandmother took the floor immediately and many other relatives chimed in during the half hour with specifics on certain family dramas.  The medium pin-pointed relationships and current situations in my life.  He knew we’d lost our house in the hurricane and that we were staying in my grandmother’s home.  He recounted things I’d said aloud to my grandmother since her passing while I was alone folding laundry or in the shower (I talk to her often) and he even recounted verbatim a conversation I’d had with my husband in my grandmother’s kitchen a few weeks earlier…

“I can’t stand this kitchen!  It’s so dark and cramped and antiquated.  I don’t know how your grandmother cooked in here all those years!” Michael had said one night, frustrated by our sudden displacement.

While at the session the medium said good-naturedly, “Your grandmother knows you’re staying at her place and she wants you to tell your husband that her kitchen is not antiquated and she cooked many a good meal in that kitchen.”

The last thing he added was that my son was going to have a respiratory issue but not to worry.  He’d be all right.

I stepped outside his office and headed to the car, turning my cell phone back on.  My mother, who had been watching my kids, had left a frantic voicemail that Luke was having trouble breathing and I needed to come home and bring him to the doctor right away.  It turned out that Luke had pneumonia.

Would you ever go to a medium? Have you ever had a reading that shocked you?  I’d love to hear.

Enjoy these links and I hope this weekend treats you right…

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2 thoughts on “What do you believe?

  1. I’m a skeptic by nature, but I’m not so arrogant as to think that I have any answers or hold any truths – there are phenomena out there that can’t yet be explained, certainly. While I generally conceive of most mediums as an unhealthy amalgam of circus hoaxer, predatory scammer, late-night tv schlockster, and New-Age delusional, I’m sure that there are people out there who are, for whatever reason, more finely attuned to things that pass the rest of us by.
    It sounds like your experience was pretty extraordinary, and I think that if I were to experience such a visit in which the medium produced such strikingly accurate and personal details I might be converted.
    I suppose I believe that some people hold these skills or powers or whatever you want to call them, and that some people who claim to possess them are full of shit. It does stir my curiosity, though.

    • The only caveat is that you can’t un-hear the things that a medium tells you. So in the future, as I make important decisions for myself and my family, I sometimes consider things he said. It’s almost like someone’s messing with my mind, if that makes sense. I doubt I’d ever go back for another reading because in the end we all make life what we want it to be, regardless if we get a heads-up about certain things from someone with a “gift”. But it was a cool experience.

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