Happy Friday

My daughter fell asleep last night with a tambourine in her hand and half of the water paintbrush that came with that Melissa and Doug Water Wow.


How those two items are necessary together, and for sleeping, I’m not sure.  She’s also wearing socks “so the ants don’t get my feet, Mommy.”

We told her there were ants on the kitchen floor that were going to bite her if she didn’t get into bed and stop eating our takeout panini and zucchini sticks.  That child is a bottomless pit.  She could eat professional eaters under the table and then go off and do ballerina twirls.  She amazes me.

I had no idea this existed when I wrote that just now.  Competitive eating is real?

We just watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and if I didn’t already think Ben Stiller is awesome, I definitely do now.

He’s not only charmingly awkward in the most realistic way when he plays a role, but he also seems to be humble and interesting and fun as a human being.  Walter and I have something in common; we both zone out and create utterly fantastic alter egos for ourselves.  You should see the stuff that goes on in my subconscious.  It’s a party in there.

How exactly does someone act and direct a movie simultaneously?  For me, that would require all the synapses in my brain to be firing at the same time.  I might pass out from overload.  And when I woke up I’d realize I can’t act.

Anyway, please see the film!  I enjoyed it immensely and I hope you do, too.  It may seem like an oddball film in the previews but it’s misrepresented.  There are many delightful themes here and quirky, rich characters.  Adam Scott plays a really good douche bag.  SAPM (sorry about the potty mouth).

This weekend is chock-full o’ family gatherings.  My husband’s grandma is turning 80.  My kids get to enjoy their great-grandmother as the spry, entertaining, wise lady she is.  Never change, Gigi.

And how considerate of you to want to ask but not want to make me feel pressured.  Yup, I have a draft of my children’s book done but I’m stuck on the ending.  I keep going over it in my head and haven’t gotten there yet.  Luckily, an idea for another story popped into my head while I was in the parking lot waiting for my daughter to come out of school.

Ideas never arrive when I summon them.  They just sort of roll out of bed when they feel like it.

Enjoy the weekend, the slightly improved weather on the God-forsaken east coast and these links…

  • This looks like it would be hilarious to bring over to my mom’s house and let the kids go crazy with it.  I just hope they wouldn’t try to wrap up her cat.
  • Even if you think Gwyneth Paltrow is kind of a pain you have to admit she looks amazing.  Do you think this would work for us troll people?  I’m kidding – you look fabulous!
  • Anything with brown butter in its title must be good.
  • Friends recommended this sight for our next trip. Have you tried it?
  • I’m not into music videos, but I’ve been listening to these guys a lot.
  • Finally!  Something that makes sense.
  • Ha!  I’ll definitely have to fill you on the nonsense at our house next week.
  • This is so weird.
  • Happy Friday
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