Hello there

All I could smell was wild boar salami.

The window was open and a chilly breeze was blowing in.  I’d bought it, the salami, thinking I’d put together a sexy charcuterie plate for a relaxing Sunday night but I didn’t like the smell of it and I didn’t like how the directions said to peel off the outer layer.  Same feeling as when I was a kid and I’d peel away flaky sunburned skin after days spent at the beach with out sunblock – except I never smelled like wild boar salami as far as I can remember.

The wine was very good, at least.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written.  Anyone who writes would probably agree that sometimes you just don’t feel it, as if there’s nothing interesting to say.

Now that winter has officially come to its end I’ve been doing a cleanse.  Not a starvation liquid diet cleanse.  I’d been feeling pretty crappy for most of the winter, baking a lot and eating with reckless abandon.  Yum.  But I paid for all that lack of self-control by suffering low energy, dizziness, itchy unattractive skin, bloating and a general feeling of blah.

I found a book accidentally while shopping with my kids at Barnes and Noble.  The 10 Day Detox Diet, by Dr. Mark Hyman.  Have you heard about it?  It makes a lot of sense.  It reminds me of the ideas from Gwyneth Paltrow’s second cookbook, It’s All Good.  The basic idea in both books – lots of vegetables, some fruit and nuts, certain grains and lean protein.

What I like best about Dr. Hyman’s philosophy is that he gives you a few options for optimal eating for life and he also explains in simple terms how different foods effect the body.  For example, I had no idea that drinking coffee effected my body’s ability to regulate insulin.  (As I sit here, coffee in hand.)  It’s up to you to decide, after the initial cleanse, which plan will work for you and how strictly you want to maintain your diet.  Gwyneth’s book is also informative plus it has lots of interesting recipes.

Beside tweaking my diet we’re gearing up to put our house on the market.  Finally!  We’d gone back and forth about it and countless conversations later we decided to take the leap and just move already.  The beach town we live in appeals to a lot of people because it’s an easy commute to Manhattan and also allows residents to come home each day to a super laid-back beach bum lifestyle, if that’s your thing.  For almost a decade we’ve enjoyed this town, but we’re ready for a change of scenery and a bigger back yard.  I’ll be sure to update you during the process.



Lastly, here’s a recipe that you can enjoy if you’re going to try the 10 Day Detox (just omit the cheese).  Remember the walnut pesto I shared with you a while back?  Using that recipe as the stuffing, cut the tops off a few artichokes and loosen up the leaves so you can stuff the pesto into the artichokes.  Trim the bottoms (before you stuff them) a bit so they sit nice and flat in a large pot or dutch oven, whatever you’ve got.  Fill the pot with enough water to reach half-way up the artichoke.  Don’t cover them with water bc then you’ll just have a soggy mess.  Bring to boil and reduce to simmer, covered, for about 45 minutes to an hour.  I like my artichokes nice and soft so keep simmering them if they’re too firm.




This recipe is great for those on gluten-free or other restrictive diets and it’s flavorful and filling.  The pesto recipe calls for cheese but I’ve made it without cheese several times and it’s equally as tasty.  Serve it alongside a salad or soup.  Perfect!

I only managed to get a picture with one of my offspring on Mother’s Day but at least I snapped this cute one of all the kids waiting for the ice cream man.  We had a great time with my sisters and nephews.  Hope you did, too.




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One thought on “Hello there

  1. I haven’t been writing much either – combination of busyness and lack of anything worth saying. I’m going to have to try this recipe. It’s glut season here for artichokes – they’re selling for about 25 cents/pound – so I’ve been looking for different ways to prepare them. Thanks for sharing, and good luck with the house!

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