Lazy Delicious Summer Salad

We went to a barbecue this weekend and I knew I wasn’t going to have much time to make something to bring.  Luke had an early baseball game (9am on a Sunday!) so we would all be out the door early.

I don’t normally simplify things for myself.  Nope.  I’m more the type to fall in love with a recipe, pine over it, wait for the perfect weekend to relish making it and then collapse from fatigue because the recipe was involved and complex.

I’m an idiot.

This time I made what I’m calling Lazy Delicious Summer Salad.  Everything in it was available at Trader Joe’s and I barely had to chop anything at all.  It’s more of a toss and serve. You’ll need…

1 bag Organic Broccoli Slaw

3 heads of baby bok choy, thinly sliced

sliced, toasted almonds

minced fresh ginger, to taste

Any type of cooked, small, squiggly pasta.  I used Organic Vegetable Radiatore and I added about half the bag to the finished salad.

Asian Style Spicy Peanut Vinaigrette, to taste ( I used about half the bottle)

salt and pepper to taste

If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby, any asian-style dressing will work as long as you like the flavor.  Ditto for the broccoli slaw.  Feel free to add shredded cabbage instead, maybe some lightly steamed broccoli florets.  You can also swap out the almonds for chopped cashews.

Toss everything together.  If you’d rather omit the pasta, go ahead. Or you can just add a little, like I did, so it’s more of a meal than just a salad.  This salad is always a hit whenever I bring to someone’s house.  I hope you like it!



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