Dinner last night

In case you’re thinking that I post recipes and never actually try them myself.  That I’m using you as my guinea pig.  Think again.  This is a followup to yesterday’s post when I wasn’t sure what to make for dinner.  Screw the chicken and asparagus that shared the plate.  The show stopper was the sweet potato gratin!

These individual-size, golden brown n’ crusty beauties were incredibly delicious and a cinch to make.  I ended up with 12 small servings.  Technically.  But once we realized how yummy these babies were, it dwindled down to 2 servings.  At one point I went to take Michael’s fork for a quick photo, which he’d just dug into the cheesy, rich stack of potato-y goodness, and instantly he resisted.

I wasn’t going to eat his last bite.  Really, I wasn’t.


Straying from the recipe a bit, I used what I had in the house:

  • a handful of shredded mozzarella and a small chunk of parmesan (instead of the gruyere)
  • 2 lonely sweet potatoes on my counter and 1 yukon gold.  The combination was perfect because the yukon balanced out the sweetness.
  • sadly, no pancetta
  • a few pinches of thyme, sea salt and pepper

Ohhh, you think I’m going overboard about potato gratin.

That’s fine.  More for me.

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