What do you say?

Do you ever wonder what other couples talk about when they’re alone?  Sometimes I’ll think of a couple we know and observe the dynamics of their relationship – dynamics are fascinating – and imagine whether they sit silently on opposite ends of the sofa at night while Homeland is on, with only their feet touching.  Or maybe they’re big snugglers and they whisper goofy things to each other while falling asleep.


My husband and me, we talk about lots of things.  Food, music, movies we’d like to see, celebrities we’re “allowed” to run off with given the opportunity.  And more serious stuff like our dreams and fears for the future. We also chat about whether or not other couples we know are doing the same thing we are each night, or if they retreat to separate areas of their house to read or play Juice Cubes.  I think Michael would spend his life playing that game if he could.

How about you?  Are you and your partner a couple of chatterboxes or do you do your own thing at day’s end?


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2 thoughts on “What do you say?

  1. Chatter boxes. Almost always! Well… I’m more of the chatter box but we drive to work together so we have a longggg commute to talk about anything and everything under the sun. On a road trip, we once talked for three hours (THREE WHOLE HOURS) about our favorite actors and actresses and who would make really good friends. lol. It’s always weird stuff, but I always wonder the same thing too. Do people really have as weird of convos as us? I sure like to think so 🙂

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